How do I get to Coonatto Station?
Coonatto station is situated 300 km north of Adelaide. Our address is 1874 Wilmington Road, Hammond SA 5431, please contact us for directions.

Do I need to book prior to my visit?
Booking is required for the shearers quarters and the campsites

Payment for accommodation and camping?
We require a direct depsosit at the time of the booking for the shearers quarters.
The remaider of the payment can be made by direct deposit prior to arrival.
For our campsites, payment can be made with a direct deposit or cash upon arrival.
We can offer credit card payment upon arrival.

What time can I arrive, and what time do I have to leave?
This can be discussed at the time of the booking.

How many do the shearers’ quarters sleep?
Up to 10 people, there is one bedroom with a double bed.
1 bedroom with 4 single beds and 1 bedroom with 2 single beds and a bunk-bed (double bed down the bottom and a single bed up the top).

How many campsites are there?
There are 5 campsites.
Black Oaks, Branch Creek, Gum Creek, Graves Gully and Min Min Light.

Is there mobile, internet or television reception?
There is limited mobile reception, no internet unless you provide your own. There is television reception, the quarters are provided with 2 televisions.

What cooking facilities are there in the shearers’ quarters?
The kitchen has a fridge/freezer, gas stove with oven, microwave, toaster, kettle, urn, electric frying pan, pots and pans, plates, saucers, mugs, cutlery, chopping boards etc.
There is also BBQ on the back veranda.

Showers and toilets in the shearers’ quarters?
There are 2 showers and 1 toilet, these are hooked up to rain water, so please use wisely.

Is there anything I should bring with me when staying?
Your food and drinks as we do not provide any catering.
Your own bedding and pillows if you do not want us to provide this at an additional cost.
A first aid kit.

Is there drinking water available in the shearers’ quarters?
We have a rainwater tank that can provide you with drinking water.
Rainwater is also used for washing and showering so please use it wisely.

Do you allow guest vehicles to explore the property?
All travel on the property is at your own risk and you should ensure that you have a suitable vehicle for station country.
As you will be traveling through areas with stock and wildlife speeds should not exceed 40 kilometers an hour.

Do you allow dogs on the property?
Please contact us if you would like to bring your dog.

Do you allow guns and shooting on the property?
No guns or shooting is permitted at any time.

Do you supply firewood for bonfires?
We do but only in the fire season.